Anti Redness Cream Case Study

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Best Anti-redness Cream for Sensitive Skin The Reason behind Facial Redness One common facial skin problem that affects people of all ages, but may be more predominant amongst Caucasian people aged between 30 and 50 years is rosacea. This skin problem is characterized by swelling, pustules, papules, small dilated blood vessels and redness of the facial skin, particularly around the forehead, cheeks and nose region of the face. It is also known to affect the scalp, ears, neck and chest area in some cases. However, redness is mostly seen around the forehead, cheeks and nose. What Causes Rosacea? It has been discovered by researchers that rosacea may be caused by certain physical, mental and psychological factors that can lead to a series…show more content…
Clinique Anti-redness Cream With the Clinique anti-redness cream you get a gentle on the skin, oil free moisturizing facial skin cream that is useful for relieving you of visible redness, flare ups and skin irritation. The Pros  It comes in an easy to open 1.7 oz, 50 ml plastic container.  At a price of $38.66, Clinique is not as expensive as Pensida and this makes it a more affordable anti-redness cream option.  It is oil free and offers good moisturizing properties for your skin.  It is gentle on the skin and helps to soothe the discomfort caused by redness and swelling.  It has essential oils, minerals and vitamins to fortify your skin. The Cons  Its bulky container is not as portable as the tube of Pensida.  You may need a free trial to ascertain if it is ideal for your skin type. Conclusion Clinique offers a good option for the treatment of rosacea, however you will need to have a free trial to know if it is ideal for your skin type and you may not notice results with the first use unlike Pensida. Its bulky container doesn't make it as portable as Pensida, even though its volume and price is less. Sephora Anti-redness Facial

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