Packer's Justice System: Due Process And Crime Control Models

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The author’s key arguments are based around the individuals who are arrested and detained at the police station. However, this is used to also explain Packer’s Justice system and how the police misused the system to their favour. Within Packer’s Models, the articles follows up on the Due Process and Crime Control Models, which are the two models that are used in the criminal justice system. These were developed for the criminal justice system to be used as a guideline in an arrest matters as well as prosecutions. The significances of his arguments are to explain how individuals and specific groups are treated by the police officers and how the individuals needs are not being met. For example when a suspect or detainee is arrested for most…show more content…
For example if crime has been or is about to be committed, they have the reason to arrest the suspect with the understanding of charging them with an offence. The police use arrests and dentation to achieve police goals. These individuals are not suspects but rather detainees and the process of theirs is limited to the police station and does not go further. This is a way for the police to signify “self-contains policing system, which make sure a legal canopy to subordinate sections of the society viewed as anti-police and innately criminals, this type of ‘justice’ is described as ‘Social disciplinary’ by McConvile and Mirsky (1995). The police do not act upon the legal or the factual guilt as they see themselves as the law. Their objectives is primarily concerns with replicating “social control and maintaining authority”, they do this through summary punishments. Satnam Choonge develops on his point through the interviews he has carried out with the detainees to clarify his point on social disciplinary and to what extent they would go to make sure the public fears them as well as maintaining their…show more content…
The Dues process and crime control were created to support and maintain the safety of society as well as protecting the rights of the suspects in any kind of situations. On the other hand, the police having to acknowledge the power they endorse, they decide to misuse it to suite their own needs, which falls under social disciplinary. Choonge explored this through interviews with detainees on the police behaviour as well as interviewing some police officers. The detainees had several of negatives to say about the police attitudes on how they approach detainees. An advance for the police to work well would be to follow Packer’s guideline to keep sustainability between the police and individuals and an example of this would be when the police stop and search

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