The Importance Of Obsolescence

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Most of the world’s leading economies run purely on planned obsolescence for economic growth. This phenomenon lends itself to mass production satisfying consumer demands. Obsolescence as a practice has given rise to financial progress and changing business strategies over the years. In this paper, I make the claim that obsolescence has become a great contributor to the present day crises of environmental sustainability. Additionally, this paper provides insights on ways in which obsolescence is hidden behind layers of advanced technology and the way it uses changing design trends as a camouflage. Furthermore, this article broadly sheds light about the possible strategies that are used by eco-friendly companies or organisations to can help improve…show more content…
Economy and changing trends have had an upper hand in channelling obsolescence. Fast fashion, a new style of shopping has boosted the economic growth of many companies majorly appeal and home in most European countries. There is a 50% growth in the stock market after this type of perceived obsolescence came into the picture (Maycroft 2016). This targets the human mind to want more than to need more. The idea is to be part of the human trap to “need” newer, better, slimmer products – products should be sleeker slimmer and more expensive is part of the plot. One way of doing this was to make shopping part of the economic status of people, higher the class more expensive the products or more products itself. This creates a sense of competition among people which in turn helped them achieve their required goal. ("Story Of Stuff (2007, OFFICIAL Version)" 2016) Obsolescence takes different forms in different countries and economies. For example, furniture is made to last for 4-7 years in many of the European countries at the same time in India where people still use produced that are made of wood lasts them around 30-35 years. Another example is the want for Japanese automobile industry. Cars imported from Japan have been tested to have a much longer lifespan in comparison to those made in India or USA. This makes it clear that the action and chasing the rapid changing trends have inhibited them from having a sustainable lifestyle and prevented them from seeing the harm done to the environment. At the same time, different economy interacts differently to these economies due to varied obsolescence methods which make it challenging to take it out of the

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