Are Folkways Right Or Wrong

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mores distinguish between what is right and wrong. In the examples it would be wrong to place someone's life in danger and it would be wrong to walk down the street naked. Folkways are another type of norm that are less important than regular norms. Folkways are norms for casual interaction and include ideas as proper greetings and dress code. For example, usually walking down the street nude is a taboo definitely a norm violation, however walking down the street in New Orleans During Madi Gras its would be accepting because of the folkway. Folkways are not entirely wrong, but its definitely a step away from the usual. Folk ways draw the line between whats right and whats rude. The rules of mores and folkways make unofficial rules for our everyday lives. People may not…show more content…
This is a system of social control, which is the various means by which the members of a society encourage conformity norms. As we learn the norms of our culture and society we also gain the captivity to evaluate our own behavior. Doing something wrong can lead to the feelings of shame and or guilt; shame is the painful sense that others disapprove of our actions, and guilt is a negative judgment we make of ourselves. These are also elemnts that help control the behavior of a socety and bring balance into a culture." For my norm violation, i decided to wear pink clothes out on the town. If someone asked my I would say hey its my favorite color. I have the faces of the people in my mind when I walk by saying things like, "look and that fag" and the nasty looks. They probably thought I was sick gay guy or something In Conclusion, societal customs and norms can change completely or partially over time which is directly related how

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