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Candide is a satirical novel in which irony, satire and sarcasm unite together in order to reach a common goal to ridicule human nature. Voltaire has written this novel in a period where the Enlightenment was becoming the most popular cultural and intellectual movement with its major exponents focusing on a view of the world exclusively concentrated on reason. This novella is an excellent example of what this movement believed in because it highlights how human behaviour is illogical as it seems that man needs to struggle in order to see a sense in his life. Candide, the protagonist, is male yet Voltaire pokes fun at human behaviour in general for both sexes. The variety and amount of misfortunes Candide goes through, throughout the whole novel,…show more content…
There are two major points where Voltaire treats the illogical human instinctual need for struggle, and these are: the trip through the utopian El Dorado and farm where the characters finally settle down. Candide and his “one quarter Spanish son of a halfbreed in the Tucuman”(26) valet Cacambo reach the country of El Dorado casually on a canoe driven by the current. Once they arrive they are stunned by the richness of the territory and harmony between the population. They appreciate what they see but nonetheless Candide decides to leave because of Cunégonde and takes Cacambo with him. By having Candide leave Voltaire makes two important points; the first being that humans are unable to appreciate what they have and the second being that…show more content…
Candide and his group, of which some members include Cunégonde and Pangloss, manage to go live in a farm where they manage to find some simple routine activity that they can carry out to benefit the farm and keep them constantly busy. It seems that Voltaire is exposing an important point on human behaviour which is represented by the idea that sometimes happiness is in the more simple things. All the people on the farm receive a pleasure from what they are doing even though they are working. Cunégonde, who once was a princess, only within the farm does it seem that no negative things are happening to her. Nothing can protect us from the outside world but in this case through concentrating on playing a part it is possible to externalise the repercussions of the misery happening in the world. Voltaire’s apparent solution though also implies this feeling of incomplete happiness as the characters are able to be somewhat happy yet there is still pain and suffering happening in the outside world. Since there still are unfortunate things happening outside of the farm this seems to create a sense of foreshadowing that the characters wont want to live in this stable environment but will actually chose to once again leave in search of something more that will actually

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