Analyzing Voltaire's 'Candide'

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Candide Paper 1 Marcois- Marie Arouet goes by the pen name of Voltaire he is a French enlightenment writer, and philosopher his works have become so famous because of his whit. He is an advocate for freedom religion, expression, and separation of church and state. Voltaire writes a satire called Candide the story is about a young man who is thrown out of where he lives because he loved a girl named cunegonde and her father caught them. This propels Candide on an exciting journey. Through this journey throughout Europe Voltaire critiques European society mainly through their religious leaders who show hypocrisy and immortality, but also how wealth is a focal point of European society but wealth is still not going to keep you safe. In Candide one of…show more content…
Voltaire shows here how he is not critiquing the Christian common people on their own but the overall idea and important figures of the church. Topic Sentence 4 Crime: Topic Sentence 5 Crime: Topic Sentence 6 Crime: Conclusion: Possible on Wealth… Even though Baron is one of the wealthiest men in Westphalia it still does not mean his family is safe from rape and murder. (1.2) However, Even though wealth is what European society is after in the end it does not protect them from crime. I would argue that Voltaire critiques eurropean society in weatlth Even though cunegonde loves candide the old women still advises her to look outfor her self and her wealth first and marry the Govenor. She convices cunegond e that this will help candide as well. In this example, Voltaire shows that the importance is not in love here it is in self perseverance and wealth. In the end Cunegonde is just looking out for herself and not for candide. It is a reacurring theme in this novel that wealth is one of the most impostant things in Europen society. Page 79 top about religion

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