Voltaire's Candide: Hypocrisy Of Religion

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Giselle Godoy September 28, 2015 English 120k Dr. Allen Religious Criticism in Candide In the novella Candide by Voltaire, Voltaire’s satire on the hypocrisy of different religious organizations were portrayed. Voltaire strongly critiqued the Catholic Church and it’s religious leaders. When he spoke about different religious views, Voltaire wanted less of the philosophical and more of the humanistic to be expressed. The philosophical thinking made it seem as though God were punishing the people, but we never fully understand whether Voltaire is against every religion and God or it was just a way he expressed through other religions(“Voltaire's Candide...... and Mockery” 2014). Pangloss, the philosopher believed in the Leibniz Theory. His…show more content…
Their was also the Baron, Cunegonde’s brother. He became a Jesuit Priest, and based on the story’s surmise he had homosexual tendencies. In the novella he tells Candide, “I was very pretty; but I grew much prettier, and the reverend Father Didrie, Superior of that house, conceived the tenderest friendship for me.”( 35) He also talks about meeting a young Ichoglan and described him as very handsome. The weather was warm and took the opportunity to bathe with him. He says “I did not know it was a capital crime for a Christian to be found naked with a young Mussulman.”(80) As a Jesuit priest he was not acting according to his duties. He is suppose to be heterosexual but as a priest he was fulfilling his homosexual…show more content…
The Pope just like Priests in the Catholic Church should not be married or engage in sexual activities. However, we also come across the Protestant orator who asked Candide, “Do you believe the Pope to be Anti-Christ?”(6) Candide responds with “I have not heard it.”(6) We are surprised to have the Protestant orator answers him with “Thou dost not deserve to eat,”(6) again coming from a Protestant orator we would think follows God’s teachings. He would share some bread with Candide, but didn't share any because he didn’t speak against the Pope. Candide also had human waste thrown at his face by the Protestant’s wife. The orator’s reason for mistreating Candide was because he was trying to get him to convert. However, it was wrong for the Protestant orator to have done such a thing. He doesn’t realize his religion’s beliefs involve harsh actions. To conclude the novella ends with Candide saying, “All that is very well, but let us cultivate our garden.”(87) Candide was finally able to find himself and find the important people in his life (Hersberger 2005). He learns that life is tough and that every situation doesn’t need an explanation. It takes actions to learn the outcome.Voltaire’s message was, we should all work together to create a better world. Religion is not the answer in making the world a better place, and all the religious leaders

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