Analysis Of 'Veteran's Day: Never Forget Their Duty'

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America is so widely known across the entire world as a nation all about freedom and opportunities. When our nation’s people think about what it means to be an American we imagine patriotism, freedom, and all of us united as something we are able to have and express. Many people across the world dream about coming to America and be known as an “American” but yet so many of us do not truly know what it actually is. An American is someone who shows patriotism. He or she loves this nation and is willing to sacrifice himself, one is loyal to our country, and lastly but not least, preserves through hard times. In the story by John McCain, Veteran’s Day: Never Forget Their Duty, he tells us about a man in the military with him who sacrificed himself…show more content…
The story by Anzia Yezierska, America and I, is a story about herself, a young Russian, having the opportunity to come to America and throughout her story she shared her thoughts about America, her experiences, and at the end, her final realization of what being an American truly is. She says, “I’d cease to be a slave of the belly. I’d be a creator, a giver, human being, My young strong body, my heart and soul pregnant with the unlived lives of generations clamoring for expression. I was so grateful to mingle with the American people, to hear the music of the american language, that i never knew tiredness”(4, 6, 16). This demonstrates the things she was able to do as now someone living in America yearning to embrace every aspect of being a true…show more content…
In the speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on the 50th anniversary of our statue of liberty, he addresses immigrants coming to America, leaving all behind, to be one of us and that all of us Americans and bound together by the promises of freedom. He says, “... but a single language, the universal language of Human Aspiration. The realization that we are all bound together by hope of a common future rather than by reverence for a common past has helped us to build upon this continent a unity…” (3, 7). This reveals to us that we are all united by the promise of freedom and we all aspire to be free and unite together to be a real nation. Also in the story Veteran’s Day: Never Forget Their Duty by John McCain, he talks about how important it is for us to say the Pledge of Allegiance and this is an example of all American’s being united because we all say it together. He says, “He was making that flag because he knew how important it was for us to be able to pledge our allegiance o our flag and country”(14). This gives us an idea of the importance of us all saying this pledge to show we are dedicated to our country as a

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