Examples Of Racism In Huckleberry Finn

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In the book Huckleberry Finn, the whites had mistreated the African Americans in many different ways. They had tortured them physically and mentally, and nobody should ever have to go through what Jim did. Everybody should be treated equally and it should not be based on what color someone is. Jim was abandoned from his wife and his children. White people would see African Americans the same way they would see animals instead of just another human being. Huck’s father, Pap, was a very aggressive man. He would lock Huck up and beat him, and even threaten to kill him. Jim was the one suspected of Huck’s murder because he was a black man who had escaped out of slavery to be with his family. Racists' whites do not realize that they are…show more content…
Miss Watson had told Huck that he should have not helped Jim escape from slavery because it was wrong of him. When Huck started to actually get to know Jim, he noticed that he was not a bad guy and they became friends with each other. Jim showed that he is a human being to and should not be treated any different from white people. Huck realized that he would not want anybody to treat him the way he treats Jim and starts treating him like a human should be treated. He showed Huck that African Americans are the same as white people. He also showed Huck that he is a way better person than some of the other people Huck meets on all of his travels around the world. Huck would rather burn in hell, then to watch his new friend, Jim, have to go back into slavery. He wanted to protect Jim and not let anything bad happen to him. In the story, white people would not treat the other white people like they treat African Americans. That goes to show you that the whites were racists and did not like the blacks. They didn’t have a reason not to like them; they just did not like them. They treated
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