Pros And Cons Of Witchcraft

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There are two different views on witchcraft, one of which is explained by Christians and the other which gives a broad explanation. "Webster's defines witchcraft as the act or instance of employing sorcery, especially with malevolent intent: a magical rite or technique. Witchcraft calls upon the powers of the devil much like a believer prays and believes in the power of God." ( defines witchcraft as "the art or power of bringing magical or preternatural power to bear or the act or practice of attempting to do so." Because of what the Bible says about practicing witchcraft, and how it relates to the devil, most people assume that all witches or wiccans are practicing a dark magic, which will harm someone or even themselves. This makes people begin to question whether individuals should be able to practice witch craft or not. Is it really too dangerous to be practicing, will it harm others if they get in the way, is it safe? Yes witchcraft is safe to practice, as long as the individual follows the ways of the witches and wiccans.…show more content…
This would mean that the individual must become one with Mother Nature, as she is highly respected by witches and wiccans, this also means that they must also respect everyone and everything in the environment. Although some people are born into the religion of witchcraft meaning they are hereditary witches, this means that in the past they have had other ancestor who were witches. Some people are believed to have been born with the psychic abilities, but must individuals join as they are bored or unsatisfied with their original religion. In fact many famous singer are believed to practice witchcraft such as Stevie Nicks for example the song Rhiannon when she sings " She is like a cat in the

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