Why Huckleberry Finn Should Be Banned Essay

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Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, why this book written by Mark Twain should be on the banned books list in schools and why it is too mature for students. It has situations that honestly students are not able to handle, it will leave innopropriate impressions about racism and how to treat people and is going to cause students to repeat some of these actions fitting in this centuries times. The problem with The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn isn’t that it is a bad book, not that maybe it is poorly written or wouldn’t be a learning experience. The fact of the matter is that students don’t hold the mental attention span or capacity to be forced to deal with these. While some may use to excuse that Highschool students may have enough knowledge over…show more content…
Students wouldn’t grasp the concept that thinga re different now than they were back then, it would be too innopropriate for their minds. Situations revolving around racism and using the ‘n’ word are very offensive and made most students uncomfortable. Going on with that, they wont be able to distinguish how the majority treated african american’s in a racist way. They’ll take it and just find it as a normal way society works but with situations that fit the century, like women actually believe they should have rights? What kid’s are going to want to believe that? Women? As people? How funny it is to some of them, women just belong in the kitchen wasting their lives away, and muslims? Why would teenagers even want to defend muslims? They’re terrorists and clearly don’t deserve the respect as people and refugees that americans got coming to North America. Of course, someone is going to go ‘well that’s different, those ARE wrong, and people think that’s wrong too. Students know it and they can tell’ but honestly, if it were true, why would teenagers be so comfortable with women being treated as human beings and being treated equally, why would they be so comfortable treating a group of people horribly because of their religion and race? They

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