Similarities Between Alexander Plutarch And Arrian

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Plutarch of Chaeronea (46-c.120) is a remarkable ancient philosopher, who born in a wealthy Greek family and grew up as a highly educated Greek citizen. Although, Plutarch and Arrian (c.87 - after 145) has many things in common, for example, they have similar family background and similar career life as official that served the Greek government, they focus on different fields of study. Plutarch is famous for his writing of biographies and moral treatise, in which influenced by his experiences of travelling around the Greek cities and Roman cities. Therefore, in his writing about Alexander –Life of Alexander, Plutarch is much more interested in analyzing evidences that found in historical events, which emphasized the personality and characteristics of Alexander, rather than to justify the historical events. On the other hand, Arrian, whose main purpose of writing about…show more content…
Although, they both mentioned two reasons that influenced Alexander’s decision to march back. Firstly, the struggled with Porus, a regional ruler of a city of Western India, was one of the reasons. Alexander intended to conquest India, where he believed is the “end of the earth” and became the king of the world. He must conquest the land beyond the Ganges. However, it was not easy for Alexander the Great, who always win his battle to beat the massive envy that was preventing him from crossing the river. The lack of knowledge of the weather and terrain of India made Alexander and his army suffered in the battles with Porus. Although he gains his victory eventually, but it is worth to celebrate because many soldiers died in the battles and the rest of them were facing serious problems, in which is lack of resource to feed the army and lack of medicine to cure the injured members. In addition, horses they brought to India hardly survived in the

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