Similarities Between Beowulf And Othello

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More often than not, stories can be read as a representation of culture: a microcosm of cultural beliefs, traditions, and norms. Organize a comparative study between two of the major texts we’ve read (Beowulf, Othello, The Hobbit). Are the heroes portrayed in a similar manner? What are some notable differences in the hero’s development as culture has shifted? What can we infer about the cultures that produced these texts? You will be expected to refer to secondary sources for all historical information. It is absolutely true, stories can portrait as a reflection of people culture, belief and traditions. Beowulf and Othello are good example of people culture, belief, and tradition, this narrative of two young worriers that had become heroes by fighting against the enemy with all adjectives of a true hero. Stories like Beowulf and Othello are mainly consider as a re-count of great events that had occur on the past that historians keep it live in the paper for the further references. Written by different…show more content…
on the Medieval Era, that Century was marked by wars, heroes and male power domain, believe that Beowulf author most likely got his inspiration on the biblical heroes historical or facts that had happened on that time, for example Samson story. “Samson was born during the period of the judges, prob. around the beginning of the 11th cent. B.C. During this period God raised up national heroes to deliver His people from their enemies. These deliverers were termed judges (שֹֽׁפְטִ֑ים); Samson is the last one mentioned before the transition of Eli and Samuel to the monarchy. Israel’s most formidable enemy at this time was the Philistines, whom God had used to oppress Israel because of their evil deeds (Judge 13:1). Into this situation Samson was born in order to begin to deliver Israel from the hand of the Philistines (13:5)’’.

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