Examples Of Supreme Power Corrupts In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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It is one of humanity's natural desires to acquire power. Animal Farm, by George Orwell, was written to show that supreme power corrupts. In this novel, animals rebelled against humans and took over the farm that they lived on. Animal Farm accepted the idea of animalism. However, animalism failed because of two main reasons. What influenced the downfall of animalism was Napoleon’s, one of the pigs, desire for supreme power and his violence against the animals. Each character represented a political figure from the Russian Revolution. For example, Napoleon represented Joseph Stalin, Squealer, another pig, represented propaganda, and the dogs represented the KBG. Napoleon used the nine dogs to raise intimidation, and manipulation. Orwell showed…show more content…
First, the general feeling on the farm was expressed in a poem entitled 'Comrade Napoleon' which ran as followed: "Friend of fatherless! Fountain of happiness!…" (Orwell 63). This song's lyrics praised Napoleon very exceedingly and stated all the positives on the farm. Napoleon was publicizing himself and presenting his character that the animals would like to see in their leader. Whomever listened to this poem would automatically knew that Napoleon was highly respected and he only wanted the best for the farm. Also, Napoleon caused it to be inscribed on the wall of the big barn, at the opposite side of the seven commandments. Furthermore, in the middle of snowball's speeches the sheep's were especially liable to "break into 'Four legs good, two legs bad." (Orwell 32). The sheep's were one of the biggest use of propaganda because whenever the animals heard this motto they would think of Napoleon. Basically, some of the animals could not memorize the seven commandments so Napoleon changed it down to four legs good, two legs bad. Since Snowball was such a good speaker he could have easily gained support from the animals. When the animals heard the sheep's break into this single commandment they would be influenced to support Napoleon. Last, nothing on the farm could have been achieved without Boxer because of his strength. He would motivate himself and the animals by saying "I will work harder and Napoleon is always right." (Orwell 41). Since almost all the animals on the farm had great admiration for boxer and his strength they would work even more harder for the farm. This lead Napoleon to sit back and watch the animals work while Napoleon and the pigs sat in the house. Napoleon used Boxer to influence the animals to work harder. Since Boxer repeatedly said Napoleon was always right that made the animals think that Napoleon was always right. Therefore, Napoleon used propaganda to fortify his control over

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