Examples Of Professionalism In The Workplace

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When it comes to professionalism in the classroom and workplace there are many definitions that anyone could use to describe such. However, my personal definition for someone in the workplace or classroom would be in personality traits and characteristics. Professionalism in my mind/words is: someone who takes responsibility for their actions, has organizational skills, carrying the correct demeanor, has the appropriate appearance, sets goals, and is willing to work with colleagues. All of these traits wrapped up would make someone a great employee or student. We all start our day off the same way we wake up, grumble a little that we can not sleep any longer, get ready for the day, and roll off to work/school. I am strong believer that everyone…show more content…
For example, if I go into work with wet hair and baggy clothes on I am going to look very unprofessional and unprepared versus if I was well dressed and put together. I know in my personal experience if I go to class in sweatpants and sweatshirt I feel tired and unfocused versus if I got up and was moving around getting ready; that simple action can have a complete change on my day. Also, in the workplace it is going to be very important that the employee(s) take all responsibility for their actions. This sort of falls hand in hand with being able to work well with your colleagues. Any employee in any setting is responsible for their actions from the second they walk through the door till the second they walk out, even if they are not yet clocked in. Any situation that would happen we need to be responsible for and own up to, try to fix the problem not push it under the bed and hope nobody ever finds out. This might include being able to walk up to co-worker and ask for help or their professional opinion, doing more research to figure out new things to fix the problem, or maybe simply being able to bite the bullet and go talk or supervisor/boss and confess so that we have the focus on the patients best

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