Examples Of Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Being prejudice is something that everyone has done in their life, some people are prejudice almost everyday. Even though you might hear about what happened to someone or what happened somewhere doesn't mean you should treat people differently. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird a lot of prejudice happens with almost every main character. The novel shows that in society people shouldn't judge before knowing facts. Some examples are when meeting new people, you should shouldn't judge them because of their looks or how they talk, you have to get to know them and then you could judge them. This novel is shown in a child's point of view because children may not know what is happening so it makes it funny for the reader. Being prejudice is a really bad thing to do especially when you never met someone before. In chapter 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird Jem says that Boo Radley is pretty crazy because he stabbed Mr. Radley in the leg. The reason this is prejudice is because everyone in the neighborhood thinks that Boo Radley is a bad person and he shouldn't be trusted, but they don't the real reason of why Boo Radley stabbed him. It could have been self defence or an accident. If someone tries to attack you, you will try to defend yourself and maybe that's what Boo was doing.…show more content…
In chapter 5 Jem, Scout’s brother, and Dill, a neighbor, play in a tree house and since they are two boys they are being prejudice and kicked out scout out of their group. “Calling me only when they need a third party.” This quote means that Jem and scout only called scout when they need something. When you are doing something that you like and you are with someone that is opposite gender from you, you should ask them if they want to to do it with you. For example, weapons and cars are for men in society but their are a lot of women that like it just as much
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