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One often measures their success solely based off the success of another individual without even realizing it. This is demonstrated in the play Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller which follows the story of a salesman named Willy Loman who struggles to balance reality with his dreams of becoming a very successful salesman. Throughout the play, Willy believes that he is the ideal salesman and constantly compares himself to his neighbour named Charley who is a very successful salesman compared to Willy. As a salesman, Willy tends to put his focus on things that he can or has achieved but are not relevant to his success as a salesman in reality. Although Charley constantly gives Willy warnings to consider in order to become a successful salesman,…show more content…
He believes that a businessman needs to be well-liked in order to be successful. When he was speaking to Biff and Happy about opening up a business in the future, he tells them that his business will be, "Bigger than Uncle Charley! Because Charley is not - liked. He's liked, but he's not - well liked." (Miller 30). This is significant because it is the first comparison Willy makes between Charley and himself in which he attempts to prove his superiority over Charley. By paying his attention towards the fact that he is well-liked compared to Charley, Willy forgets about what really is important in order to be a successful businessman which is what he offers to…show more content…
During Willy’s funeral, Charley is Willy’s only friend that shows up and he tells Biff, “Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream, boy. It comes with the territory.” (Miller 138). This proves that Charley is compassionate towards others because he attends Willy’s funeral and supports Willy’s dreams as a salesman even though Willy has insulted Charley many times. This compassion towards others is what Willy needed to have in the beginning in order to be a successful salesman. Thus, Charley represents what Willy should have been at the very beginning of the play in order to be the successful salesman he dreams

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