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Cheesecake factory is famously known for its production of cakes where cheese is used as the main product during the process of production. The company is known for its cheesecake supplies to many states. Commitment, quality and service delivery are some of the major values that guides the company. Cheesecake factory ensures it maintains its social and ethical responsibilities in the business by establishing various code business conduct and ethics. These codes of business and ethics are made so as to ensure rules and regulations are complied with. This is important since it facilitates good decision making and work integrity. Code of business and ethical conduct in the cheesecake factory business include compliance of laws. Which advises every staff member regardless of their positions in the company should comply with both local and state laws. These laws may include those that…show more content…
This is where staff members are encouraged to be loyal, honest, trustworthy and responsible in all aspects they are required to engage in. when the mentioned elements are met by the employees it is the obligation of the cheese factory to return the favor by ensuring all staff members are treated with dignity and also motivated through increased salaries and allowances. This promotes sustainability of the company’s code of ethics therefore leading to success in the business. Maintenance of confidentiality is another important aspect of company’s code of conduct. Cheesecake factory warned its employees against the sharing of company’s confidential information. Therefore each staff member is required to properly protect or use confidential information. It is morally wrong for any employee to disclose company’s confidential information this is because the competitors in baking business will have an advantage in business as compared to cheesecake factory. Therefore, all employees should be cautioned on the consequences that will follow in cases of confidential information

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