Sarah Moon And Sherman Essay

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For my personal study, I have chosen to compare and contrast the art work of two photographers linked to my explorations of the theme of Identity in my sketchbook. I am determining identity in terms of dark, ghastly and celestial aesthetics and with a specific focus on the idea of whether an individual's identity is socially-constructed, or pre-determined and engraved in one's soul which always retains - unlike the socially conceived idea of identity which eventually ceases to exist as death takes its toll. Hence, within this essay I will be studying the photographic works and intentions of Sarah Moon and Cindy Sherman as both these artists follow the surrealist, eerie and extraordinary aesthetic I am fascinated by; as well as address and aim to capture and present identity in their art in the most interpretative and evocative way as possible. Although, the two…show more content…
These are usually bizarre and unusual confronting the ordinary reality, of how women are perceived by the male- centred society, with no character, potential, hopes or dreams of their own. Here, the artist is showing the women to be equals of the male figure, if not better off. The cat-like figure could be holding on for support, showing its helplessness or neediness of the woman, with another woman casually on looking. Conceptually, this could be Moon's way of incorporating the need a male in fact has of a woman for many factors, the man in the image has his identity hidden away from the viewer, instead replaced with an endearing, timid and powerless kitten head, contrasting with the male authority figures in the reality of the patriarchal

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