Donald Dedmon's Role In Leadership Essay

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After the plane crash of November 14, 1970, which resulted in the eradication of the Marshall University football team, Dr. Donald Dedmon, the university president responds first to the crisis (McGinty Nichol, 2006). In the wake of the tragedy, after analyzing the impact of the crash on the community as well as the university, University President Donald Dedmon is inclined to suspend the football program at the university (McGinty Nichol, 2006). However, as is later discovered Marshall University decides to continue its football program (McGinty Nichol, 2006). Not only does Dr. Demon play a large role in the various stages that follow this decision, but he also facilitates the decision which eventually leads to the success of the Marshall University football team. In addition to having a formal authority holding position, Dr. Dedmon’s role as a pragmatic democratic leader who saw the greater picture with interpersonal skills and acceptable emotional quotient allowed him to overcome the ethical dilemma regarding whether or not to continue the football program at Marshall University. Initially in the movie, Dr. Dedmon successfully persuades the Board of Trustees that doing so is the best decision. Internally, he has lost his drive. This is…show more content…
Dedmon was actively involved in the forming stage of the team as he put together a team of coaches, obtained authority to allow the coaches to recruit freely, he showcased his ability to work cooperatively with others and build trust within a team and encouraged the Marshall football team to succeed, he was a definite key player which enabled the team to succeed. Although Dr. Dedmon appeared doubtful in the movie and in many cases served as the Devil’s advocate due to his questioning nature and had acquired the greatest level of authority, power and influence in comparison to the main characters in the movie due to his title of the University President, he never took a decision based solely on his

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