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Mother Knows Best Have you ever wondered why parents often force their children to do things that their children feel are either unnecessary for their age level? One narrator feels the same way when she complains to her mother, “You want me to be someone that i'm not”(Tan 231). In the story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan, a daughter explains the obstacles she has conquered in her childhood. In this story, Jing-mei, the protagonist has a rough and complicated relationship with her mother. Her mother has always wanted her daughter to be a prodigy. However, Jing-mei claims that she is not and will never be the extremely intelligent and talented daughter her mother saw in her. After a careful analysis of the story, the reader understands how Jing-mei’s feelings toward her mother changed, why her feelings changed, and how those changed feelings…show more content…
After Jing-mei finally accepts the fact that she could have been something incredible, there is a sense of guilt and despair. The narrator adds, “It looked more difficult than I remembered. I played a few bars, surprised at how easily the notes came back to me”(Tan 233). Jing-mei now figures out that this is something that she has always had a talent for. Playing the piano was Jing-mei’s purpose, she had took far too long to open her eyes and see the opportunity that she could portray. It was not until the narrator reached thirty that she accepted that she could be something great but the opportunity passed her up before she knew it. Before her mother died, she have Jing-mei the same piano from when she was younger. The protagonist is shocked and does not want to accept the gift, she believes that her parents would miss it. Jing-mei questions, “Are you sure? I mean i wouldn’t want you and dad to miss it?”(Tan 232). Jing-mei is puzzled that her parents are wanting her to have the piano. For Jing mei to realize her talent, it had to be done the hard

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