Anthropocene's Impact On The Environment

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Summary Through the analysis of the article The Anthropocene: From Global Change to Planetary Stewardship key issues that are highlighted are the concerns of human interaction and use of the Earths resources overtime impacting the environment. These impacts are emphasised through the examples of land degradation, overuse of Earth’s resources, increasing rates of greenhouse gas emissions having major impacts on the environment. The issues stated within the reviewed article link closely with the values presented in the Australian university “Sustainable Week” program, as the paper does not only focus on the impacts of anthropogenic effects but suggests possible implications that may help improve and allow the environment reach sustainability.…show more content…
2011, p.739). The paper gives numerous examples of anthropogenic events including the increase rates of CO2 causing climate change to catalyse, land clearing for agricultural purposes causing major impacts to biodiversity of many species and through these issues the Earth’s climate has gradually warmed. The Paper also discusses that to improve the environments sustainability, we need to have a broader understanding of the Earth’s history and understand the changing patterns of the Earths climate before Homo sapiens came to existence. To manage the intensity of the Earths climate vulnerability major planetary stewardship must take place including changes to global ecological footprint and understanding the impacts of future anthropogenic events on the Earth’s climate and species reducing major impacts on biodiversity. Greenhouse…show more content…
2011, p.741). The report effectively states that land degradation has been an increasing issue, as it has had to comply with changing societies as population growth has continued to grow over time causing an increased demand on natural resources and industries causing growing stress on the Earth (Steffen W et al. 2011, p.741). The article addresses the future implications of population growth as it states the economy will continue to grow and there will be an increase in technology demand (Steffen W et al. 2011, p.743). It also states due to land degradation there will be a dramatic fall of biodiversity due to deforestation and removal of natural habitats having major influences on ecosystems (Steffen W et al. 2011,

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