Camp Chelmno's Role In The Holocaust

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The years from 1939 to 1942 met an expansion on the concentration camps system in Germany. The concentration camps took Jewish prisoners for economic profit. The concentration camps also became sites for mass murder scenes and the killings of small targeted groups for political and racial reasons. The concentration camps were a big role in the Holocaust, changing the lives of every Jew and leaving a horrible memory for those who did survive the concentration camps. The Holocaust was a very traumatic event that lead humans to realize how cruel people can really be. Camp Chelmno was one of several concentration camps. Camp Chelmno was known for being an concentration camp. Any Jew that was brought to this camp was authorized to die with…show more content…
Auschwitz was made up of three main campuses. Auschwitz served three main purposes, To incorporate enemies of the Nazi and German occupation for a period of time, to have a supply of forced labourers for employment and to serve as a site to physically eliminate small targeted groups(Jewish virtual library). These purposes were determined by the SS or protection squadrons(Classification of Nazi concentration camps). Jews, at first, were executed by shootings. Later through the years, Nazis started using the poisonous gas method. When Jews were forced to work, the hours consisted from eleven to twelve hour work days. They worked on huge farms, coal mines, in stone quarries, in fisheries, and especially in industries(Auschwitz history and overview). To identify a Jew, they were registered and tattooed so Germans could keep track of each of them. A total of 1.2 million Jews were killed during the time period of…show more content…
Like previous camps, Sobibor was also an concentration camp. Sobibor was also secretly guarded by barbed wire fences. The site measured roughly about 1,300 by 2,000 feet(Arad Yitzhak). It was surrounded by guards in watchtowers. Sobibor was divided into a reception area and three camps.When arriving to Sobibor, Jews were forced to leave all belongings such as luggage and clothing behind.When Jews arrived to the gas chamber they were told to get naked like many of the other concentration camps. After they were taken to an isolated part of the camp that was covered by tree branches and connected with barbed wire(Holocaust research project). The rooms at camp Sobibor, could hold up to 160 to 180 Jews. Carbon monoxide generated by a diesel engine was put outside and was released into the walls of the gas chamber. The dead bodies were then removed from a second door located in the chamber and were then buried in huge steep pit. Carts arrived on a small rail track to pick deportees who were unable to walk to the gas chamber and instead of going inside the chamber they were shot so they did not interfere with the gas chamber process.( Holocaust Memorial). The Nazi Germans did not play around at this camp. They wanted to get the killing over and done with so they could be able to kill all Jews. As a result all traces of this camp were demolished and camp Sobibor was disguised into a farm. A total of 250,000 Jews were

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