Examples Of Discrimination In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, various types of discrimination were represented. However, three types of discrimination really stood out throughout the book. These certain things contributed to the overall feel and theme of the book. The first form of discrimination is the most obvious one, racism. Racism plays a big part in this book in terms of how the Tom Robinson case plays out. Maycomb seems to turn against Atticus, Jem, and Scout because he is defending Tom Robinson. For example, Mrs. Dubose tells Scout and Jem that their “father's no better than the … trash he works for!" The fact that adults and children are attacking Scout and Jem with words and fists demonstrates how deeply rooted racism is in the town of Maycomb. Also, the term “nigger” is often used to describe African Americans throughout the book. However, racial discrimination wasn’t uncommon back then in Alabama.…show more content…
Scout loses her mother at an early age so she does not fret over her lack of femininity. On the other hand, Aunt Alexandra does not approve of her unladylike behavior and is trying to do away with it while Atticus could care less. We learn that Scout takes the word “girl” as an insult. “I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary closing in on me, and for the second time in my life I thought of running away. Immediately” Scout says this showing her attitude towards femininity. We see that Scout refers to womanliness as a penitentiary or prison, as if femininity holds her back from trying to be who she really
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