Raskolnikov A Villain Analysis

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Is Raskolnikov a villain? According to www.merrian-webster.com a villain is “one blamed for a particular evil or difficulty.” If one goes by this definition Raskolnikov is a villain, as he did an act of evil by killing both women. As his actions were evil his deeds throughout the book as a whole were not. Leading to his long over due confession in the epilogue. Raskolnikov does not see himself as a villain, he actually sees himself as a hero. His villainous act of committing the murder of Alyona Ivanovna’s and Lizaveta. He saw Alyona as a murder in helping society. “Kill her and take her money, so that afterwards with its help you can devote yourself top the service all mankind and the common cause: what do you think, wouldn’t thousands of good deeds make up for one tiny little crime” Which was part of an over heard conversation in the common area. That conversation gave him the idea that killing her would make him a hero rather than a villain. As it would do more help for society in her to being gone as the deeds she did were wrong and hurtful to all involved. As for Lizaveta she was a spur of the moment murder as he didn’t want her tell the police about him. Which was the part of the murder that truly ate away at him as he…show more content…
Along with Marvloches death he donated to his money to his funeral rather then for himself. Which was one of the selfless acts that he performed for others while he was dealing with his conscience going slowly insane. His conscience finally came to an end when Soyna convinced him to go confess to what he had done to the police. Which he did clearing his conscience but sending him to prison but also giving him the love he sought for through

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