Finding Nemo Dissociative Amnesia

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“Dissociative Amnesia is a disorder where the person falls victim to either generalized amnesia, localized amnesia, or selective amnesia” (Barlow & Durand). With this disorder, people are not able to remember anything, including knowing who they are. The movie Finding Nemo, does a great job at illustrating the concept of dissociative amnesia, how to cope, and eventually overcoming this disorder. One of the main characters, Dory, is a regal tang fish that has an incredibly hard time remembering, and it is uncovered that she has short-term memory loss. Though having memory loss, she is still a good-hearted and optimistic fish. One instance of her short term memory is in one of the first scenes where Dory and Marlin collide. After Marlin’s son…show more content…
Along with forgetting who Marlin was and why he was following her, she also has a very hard time remembering names. Nemo’s name comes up frequently and she forgets what it is almost every time. Along with difficulty in remembering tasks and conversations she was engaged in, she also cannot retain new information and cannot specifically know where she is at any given time. She attempted to cope with this memory loss through repetition. By repeating the information over and over out loud, she could remember bits and pieces longer. However, once the concentration was taken away, the information was lost almost immediately. These problems in memory encoding is very apparent in people who are diagnosed with dissociative amnesia. Dissociative amnesia is when a memory goes beyond the scope of normal forgetfulness. However, the memory is not lost entirely, it is believed that the memory is buried within the person’s mind and is very difficult to recall. The memory may resurface to the person on its own or can be triggered by their surroundings. A cause of this disorder may be genetic. In some cases, people with these disorders have relatives with similar conditions as they have (Cleveland Clinical Foundation 2012). Dory even says in the movie that her forgetfulness runs in her family, enhancing the premise that she has dissociative

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