Examples Of Deviance In Society

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Understanding Deviance in today society. According to our text, deviance is defined as any abnormal behavior that disrupts societal norms. People who are involved in illegal activities such as, extreme alcohol usage, stealing, or the use of illegal drugs would be called a deviant to society. These behaviors do not only affect our society, it does affect our personal families and communities. When we use the phrase deviance it does not actually mean bad in all circumstances. I believed that constant changes that occurred in this modern era allows us to adapt to new cultures. We can see in the United States the differences in citizens lifestyles, foods, clothing, sexual preferences and the way individuals worship. These customs over years were…show more content…
I learned that citizens who are committed to their actions abides to the rules of society more easily than persons who does not consider how they are viewed by others. We can assume that these individuals as discuss in the above topic are more-likely to be weakened with false beliefs and can be recognized as a deviant to society. It is proven that all of us cares about what others think of us throughout our life journey’s. I learned that my future can be affected if I participate in deviant behaviors which can permit me to have misunderstanding in schools and with law officers. I can say that moral rights are important for our character in this society. Scholars have observed various patterns in our character over the decades and they believed that there is good and evil in every one of us. Consequently, only a few of us really adhere to the legal norms in our society. As per our text, this topic is broad and can have many interpretations but, I really enjoyed this lesson because I learned about the differences about sanctions when enforcing rules in our society. It can be a positive sanction which rewards people for doing right, a negative sanction are punishments for violating a nations norm, a formal sanction officially enforce norms while, informal sanctions do occur as social interactions. These controls exist everyday based on our actions as either positive or negative…show more content…
It is said that social stratification is centered on our social standings as a citizen based on factors like our wealth, income, race, education and power. It is said that people with more resources are placed at the top layer of a society. While, people with fewer resources would be at the lower layer within a society. This module allowed me to understand vividly that everyone have an equal chance for success. But, these beliefs are based on productiveness and constant improvement on our talent. Also, I believed that all individuals are in control of our social standing which are established by our efforts. The future generation is key for the human existence as our parent plays an important role by passing on knowledge and social positions to us. Parents would pass down homes and businesses to the next generations. I strongly conclude that, cultural norms do accompany our behaviors, and lifestyle. People are comfortable with their social standings while, others believed in achieving success by going the extra mile for resources and

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