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On June 17th 1775 the Battle of Bunker Hill took place during he Revolutionary War. This was the first major battle in The Revolutionary War. Bunker Hill was a remarkable war for both the British and the Americans. Even though the Americans lost the Battle of Bunker Hill it was still gave a good sense of confidence for us. It made the Colonies, and the whole world aware that the Colonies had a chance at triumphing over the British. The British were know as “Undefeatable”. The British out numbered the colonists and were prepared for war while the patriots were out numbered and not prepared to fight them. The reason we lost the battle is because, the Patriots did not have enough ammunition to defeat the British while in the battle. Also the…show more content…
Captain Prescott and his American soldiers were attacked. Captain Prescott knew that their weapons were not accurate when further away from their targets. With Prescott and his soldiers out numbered, he knew they did not have enough ammunition to shoot recklessly, Prescott commands “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”(US History 11d). By saying this he acknowledged that he and his soldier were out numbered and would run out of ammunition if they did not use it wisely (History.com). So the Patriots waited, until the British were only a dozen yards away. The British were shocked, because the Patriots seemed not to fire until, the British were very close. Then when Captain Preston knew the time was right, Prescott commanded the Patriots to fire and caused the rest of the British to be shot down. This sent the British into retreat, which caused the rest of the British soldiers to be confused because they came back so early. Captain Howe, the British commander, yelled to go back and fight Patriots again with a second wave of redcoats. Howe actually went with his soldiers during the second wave against the English. This ended in the same results as the first wave and sent the British back into retreat. Finally Captain Howe brought more reinforcements with him on the third wave. Captain Prescott and the Patriots were very low on ammunition and could not hold off the British very long, and had no

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