Examples Of Cultural Differences In Malaysia

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In the beginning, we have always thought that we were the only ones in the big wide world but when our ancestors began exploring the land, we found other civilizations and we began trading with them, learning their ideologies and take inspirations from their current invention and implying them in our own home to support ourselves. Our lands began to grow and we soon realised that the world we lived in became smaller and, along the way, we faced difficulties that we have to choose which led to war with one another. Some managed to survived from the ashes of war and rebuild themselves even better than before but others fell and were left forgotten. We have our time of peace but it was fragile and it can be broken, even in the smallest actions…show more content…
When there’s trouble, leaders from all nations gather together to discuss how to solve it. We helped each other and care for one another. However, there are some who still live in the past and are governing its people in fear. In this 21st Century, we able to learn one another and understand our different cultures. Malaysia is one example of this. It is special in a way that its cities are surrounded with the ideas from different people. However, not all of Malaysia fully follow this but no matter where you look, Malaysia is a diverse and multicultural country where they accept their differences. Diversity means differences between human beings whether it being race, religion or nationality within one community. However, even in this day and age, there are still people who prefer to stay within their own religion together with families. Lack of knowledge about diversity is often due to mistrust, stereotyping and language problems between one another. Children today study in classes where they are exposed to diverse cultures and by doing so, they learn different types of views from different people and understand how their culture influences the way they see the

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