Examples Of Ambition In The Great Gatsby

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The American dream, when liberty and success reward your hard work and dedication. It is the belief that self-determination can bring just about anything you wish for in life. During the early stages of the century it was almost a trend to go after your dream and build success from it. A lot of dream chasers succeeded as well as failed, to vision comfort and stability is a lot easier said then done. To accomplish such luxury one most fall down and get back up, to some it is harder to even see some sort of success or any success at all. Perhaps this American dream is a lot darker than one thought. Staying true to oneself brings more comfort than loosing yourself in the process of finding success. It is when ambition is taken over greed that a human looses sight of moral principles and neglects to see the truth. The American dream is destructive to those who have no limit to see how far their ambitions takes them that failing at the end is the only way to slow them down.…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, an iconic novel in the literature world brings to light the perfect example of the ups and downs of the American dream. Here we have Jay Gatsby, the handsome, self made young man that throws extravagant parties, invitees are the richest of the rich, and lives the luxurious life that success has given him. He is a young man from the mid west who came from an impoverished childhood to famously wealthy. He did buy an enormous mansion, a fancy car, and boat all too show off his wealth to buy the attention of an old lover of Jay’s, Daisy Buchanan. No one knows how Jay made his riches but he makes his intentions clear to Nick, a Long Island native who moves up to East Egg who meets
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