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Introduction: I’ve chosen: The Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve, Captain Philips directed by Paul Greengrass, The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan and In a Better World directed by Susanne Bier. I chose these films of the sole purpose to analyse the term evil and the ways it is displayed through the films I have chosen. The word evil can have many different meanings, such as morally bad or wrong, causing ruin, pain or injury, or an evil force, power, or personification. Simply by the definition of evil, one can only have a grasp of what evil is, but only through experience one can understand evil fully. Evil is readily perceived differently among people of certain, religions, races, ages, sexes, and mental prowess, but the underlying…show more content…
Throughout the world people from 3rd and 1st world countries clash with each other. The way they live and their outlook on society are completely the opposite and this results in some sort of evil occurring. Evil is portrayed through the way 1st and 3rd world countries interact in the film In a Better World. We see this when Anton, a trained doctor from Denmark, is working overseas in a 3rd world African refugee camp is forced to care for and look after one of the most feared commanders in the region. Their intentions and beliefs continue to clash and eventually triggers Anton to throw the Big Man out of camp and into a crowed of angry villagers waiting outside to kill him, for the things he has done to them and their families. Not only did this create evil amongst the characters, but that we could clearly see it created a part of evil inside Anton that he had never had before. It teaches us that something morally bad or wrong, causing pain or injury, or an evil force can up bring evil within the best of us. In large parts of the world big fishing ships and companies that come…show more content…
In The Dark Knight the Joker manages to cause Gotham city’s civilians own morals to clash and contradict with each other. This is evident during the boat scene. Here the Joker creates havoc and destruction of the passengers mind thought as he forces either the boat with prisoners on board to blow up the boat with civilians or vice versa otherwise he would blow both of them up. This creates uncertainty and manipulation of their morals due to the fact they believe in not killing anyone but they also believe they have the right to live over people who had already chosen the path of crime and death. This also played on the audience’s morals and values and it made me think, what is really right and wrong? Our morals and mind is completely under our own control, but when evil of any sort appears and begins to take over our mind and our morals can suddenly vanish. This makes the line between what we believe in and what we think is wrong, disappear. A large amount of the time people fully trust and support the local police, but occasionally civilians take matters into their own hands. Police have trained how to control their minds in high pressure situations but civilians have had none of that training. This is exactly what happens in the film Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve. Keller Dover’s daughter Anna Dover and her friend Joy Birch are kidnapped during thanks giving. During the following 24 hours

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