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Children have miscellaneous requests unanimously to which parents may respond in distinctive manners. By definition, these requests vary based on numerous factors including parents' social status as well as whether these kids have siblings or not. Presumably, it is believed that children growing up in working mother's families are highly likely to develop better learning strategies than those whose mothers have never worked outdoors. This controversy stems from the fact that working mothers are able to set a better example for their kids and consequently encourage their children to pursue certain request strategies to achievement. It is worth mentioning; working mothers are more in contact with society and can assess a wider variety of available training courses. Moreover, number of children should be…show more content…
Brown and Levinson (1987) categorized requests as FTA, because the speaker imposes his or her will on the hearer. Blum-Kulka and Kasper (1989) proposed a model for the classification of direct and indirect strategies in requestive speech acts (RSA). A) Direct strategies 1. Mood derivable: utterances in which the grammatical mood of the verb signals illocutionary force (for example, sit on your chair) 2. Performative: utterances in which the illocutionary force is explicitly named (for example, I tell you sit on your chair) 3. Hedged performative: utterances in which naming of the illocutionary force is modified by hedging expression (for example, I would like to ask you to leave) 4. Obligation statements: utterances which state the obligation of the hearer to conduct the act (for example, sir, you’ll have to remove your shoes before entering the

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