Hypocalypse Now Vs Heart Of Darkness Essay

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Introduction: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is a story about how confronting one’s own evil nature may lead to self-knowledge but it can also lead to disastrous consequences. To create similar effects, emotions and statements about Conrad book, Francis Coppola – the director of Apocalypse Now, uses the movie character, sounds and effects to display his and Conrad’s anger at the barbarities of imperialistic greed. Both Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now shows the hypocrisy of imperialism that cause madness and the absurdity of evil. In the Same way, it also condemn of the idea of colonialism, which the politicians trying to give it a fake justification to colonized the weak nations. Thesis: The passage, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and the script, Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford…show more content…
Kurtz madness and greed for ivory led to his death and to the freedom of the Congolese. Quote 3: As Kurtz takes his last dying breath, he cries out “The horror! The Horror!” to Marlow to show that he has finally snapped out of his insanity that kept his mind in a fog, and he is having a moment of realization that his journey has been a full of committing grievous acts. The phrase “The horror! The horror!” carries a very negative connotation that displays Kurtz recognition of loneliness and abandonment inside himself (Conrad, 423). Transitioning sentence: Kurtz finally understands how the exploitation of the people and resources leads to destruction and death. Even though Kurtz dualistic nature for most of his journey displayed evil; towards the end of his life, he realized that his ego and self-visual of himself as a “God” was all in his mind and nobody actually cares for him. Body Paragraph 2 (The

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