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Introduction and Thesis: Fallen is a thought provoking movie. It is narrative in quality that begins and ends with the voice of the narrator, Azel. This indicates that protagonist of the movie is Azel. The movie is based on his story that begins with an introduction about himself “I want to tell you about the time I almost died.” The movie reveals that Azel is responsible for killings, suicide and false blame on a cop, Thomas Hobbes. Azel is an “evil spirit of the wilderness.” Dr. Stephen Ray argues “God is the casual effect of anything” and that “if God didn’t create Azel, there would be no evil.” The paper will reflect on different perspectives of the evil powers and explore where is God in human relationship with the existence of evil powers.…show more content…
The movie raises several questions as to what the author’s intention behind this story is. It seems that either the author has had some supernatural experiences that left some unanswered questions for him or, that the author wanted to express the helplessness that we as humans might face against forces of the evil. While watching the movie, I was led to position myself in the midst of Thomas Hobbes’s experiences. I could see myself witnessing Hobbes’ bravery and later his anxiety to know who Aazel was. The biggest question for me was “where is God in the movie?” Was it a chance that the author forgot to integrate the existence and power of God, or was the author trying to infuse that through Ms. Milano’s question “Detective, do you believe in God?” Later she is seen asking him if he believes in “good luck.” I felt that this contrast of statements is a question posed by the author. The movie also provided a fragile introduction about God’s sovereignty. It appears that either on behalf of the author, God had been presented as an uninterested God, an absent character; one who is not much awaited or longed for, and a God who is not interested to free humans of fear of demons. Was the author trying to express his fears and doubts about God’s power and reality? The movie emphasizes “If you can, do not let others notice you, otherwise you will regret.” I would question if that is the case how can we challenge Psalm

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