Evidence-Based Practice Committee

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What is an evidence-based practice committee? An evidence-based practice committee is a collaborative effort to improve patient outcomes by discerning best practices for nursing care based on research evidence. Wise (2009) writes that evidence-based practice committees are a way to “integrate EBP into clinical practice and help ensure that new evidence reaches the nurses who deliver bedside care” (p. 205). According to Spector (2010, p.31) the committee uses six steps to accomplish its goals: Step 1: Identify the question to be addressed by the committee. Step 2: Review and collect information from relevant studies. Step 3: Assess the quality and validity of evidence gathered. Step 4: Synthesize and process the data. Step 5: Disseminate the findings of best practices to nursing and policy making communities. Step 6: Evaluate the effectiveness of the process. By following these steps the committee can bring quality improvements to nursing interventions and patient outcomes. Have you ever served on any type of hospital committee before? Explain.…show more content…
One of our projects was to improve patient outcome in psychiatric code situations. What we focused on was if the staff was identifying what stage of crisis the patient was in and if their response was appropriate for the identified stage. What we discovered was new staff often forgot the basics during these emotionally filled situations, so we created a quick reference guide that attached to the name badges. Also, we identified our medication discharge paperwork deficiencies and created a new form. One deficiency we focused on was the confusion of the name brand name versus the generic name. Hopefully, these two projects made some small improvement in our patient

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