Age Of Expansion: The Crusades And The Black Death

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The age of expansion is defined as the migration of many Europeans to many parts of the world. It took place between the 1450’s and the 1650’s. As they searched for new trade routes they came and encountered places they didn’t know even existed. The nation of Western Europe discovered that there were more places out there that could help them such as for trading routes. There is a process that includes two factors called the Crusades and the Black Death these two factors help us understand how the age of expansion developed. Some of the results of the crusades were that the Europeans soldiers brought many stories and many wealthy things such as perfumes, fruits and even drugs. The crusades had to go through some specific channels to go across…show more content…
This is because they were able to consolidate power in the interest of developing further trade. They expanded the trade routes that existed to get around many parts of the world. The Europeans discovered much land which they used for their benefit as to be used as trading routes. This occurred when the kings consolidated their power under the new national state. It happened in different times for each nation state, the participation for this occurred when their internal development process which came in some part from the crusades and Black Death…show more content…
These external problems start with mainly dealing with the Spanish. One of the reasons that they couldn’t colonize was that they were on a situation of weakness and once they had brought enough ships they could colonize because they had enough money for it. Another thing that occurred was that they defeated the Spanish Armada. Then comes the internal problems this includes the demand for wool. This wool was used by many people such as for their clothes and many other things. Wool was in a very high demand in those particular days regarding that it made people look way fancier. The fact that England was in the position to begin with colonization there was high unemployment. Many people were being placed in prison as well. This was because if they couldn’t pay their bills they had to go straight to jail regarding any circumstance. Another thing that also contributed with this external problem was the religious instability as

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