1850-1914: The New Age Of Imperialism

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Imperialism happens when a stronger country conquers a weaker country, often by using force to get power over them. The years are 1850-1914 are referred to as “The New Age of Imperialism.” Some nations that practiced imperialism are France, Belgium, Great Britain, German empire, Italy, Portugal, Spain and The United States. Countries practiced imperialism because it gave them more resources available without having to import from other countries. Some countries practiced imperialism to take advantage of other countries such as the Europeans. The Europeans were able to conquer so quickly because of their technological superiority. Many nations were colonized such as Africa, India, Australia, and the Dutch East Indies. India and South Africa…show more content…
There were many negative effects on countries that were colonized like many new diseases brought to South Africa from the Europeans such as smallpox. Africans lost control of their land and independence. About 15 million Africans were shipped as slaves to the Americas. They were placed under the rule of the British. The Europeans did not pay attention to ethnic rivalries so they placed enemies together which made it hard to live. There was a large division of African culture. South Africans resisted the Europeans with whatever forces they were able to use. Their military often surprised the Europeans, but the Europeans still had better more advanced weapons . Their resistance to the Europeans failed. Ethiopia was the only African nation to successfully resist against the Europeans because the emperor successfully tricked the Italians, French, and British against each other on who gets control of Ethiopia. In India, Gandhi used his own kind of resistance against the British…show more content…
Apartheid was a system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. It was created to keep South Africans from gaining power and to give the British even more power. Nelson Mandela with other activists formed the ANC, a group created to over through apartheid in South Africa. "Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”- Nelson Mandela. The ANC wanted to make a change to help the lives of Africans. The ANC did begin to follow violent forms of resistance. In 1962, the ANC along with Nelson’s wife Winnie, were arrested and sentenced life in prison. The new president of South Africa was F.W. de Klerk and he supported Nelson Mandela’s views on apartheid.. F.W. de Klerk legalized the ANC and released Nelson Mandela from prison. The first walk Nelson Mandela took after 27 years of being in prison was called “The Walk of Freedom.” In 1994, apartheid ended and the people from South Africa were able to vote no matter what race they were. They voted for Nelson Mandela and he was South Africa’s first black president. When Nelson was president, he declared “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by

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