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Iris Khan Ms. Palmer 13 YOC Writing 12 May 2015 The Renaissance Architecture Have you heard about the time period of Renaissance Architecture? According to many people, the Renaissance began in the 1400s in Florence, Italy (Smith, pg 162). Lots of great structures were built during the Renaissance, which still stand today. The Renaissance was one of the greatest periods in history for beautiful architecture. Because of the revival of classical styles, which was motivated by “humanism,” a philosophy which encouraged education and human progress. Thus the Renaissance was a time of talented, skillful architects, new inventions which made this architecture possible, and beautiful structures. The Renaissance began with the rediscovery of classical…show more content…
During the 1500s, the Renaissance spread to France, Spain, Holland, England and many other neighboring countries (Wikipedia, Renaissance Architecture). Before, Germany had basic designs, usually coming from books. German Renaissance was started by “German philosophers.” For example, the Johanisburg Palace. In Germany, “Gothic style blended with the Renaissance.” A family sponsored a Renaissance to be built.” This style was liked by many people and soon the Renaissance influenced Austria (Wikipedia, Renaissance Architecture). Polish royalty ordered architects to construct churches, and palaces. Gothic style was liked by several countries in Eastern Europe, but later the Gothic style was replaced by the Renaissance. In the 16th century, French were at war in Italy. After the war the people brought back the Renaissance style form Italy. France also had castles with the style of Renaissance (Wikipedia, Renaissance Architecture). England was not affected by the Renaissance for a long time, its style remained Gothic (Smith, pg 167). Later Renaissance influenced England only when Queen Elizabeth I took power. Ingio Jones was in Italy studying the Renaissance. He brought this type of architecture to England. The Renaissance also influenced the Iberian Peninsula (Spain). Platersque, a style, which developed in Spain from the mixture of the Renaissance and Gothic styles. This style usually…show more content…
Fillipo Brunelleschi was a “goldsmith, sculptor, and architect.” (Wikipedia, Filippo Brunelleschi). During 1418, Filippo focused more on architecture. According to many people, the Renaissance began in 1419, when Filippo got permission for designing the dome of Florence Cathedral (Ducksters). During the Middle Ages, people had forgotten about art, literature, and architecture. After seeing Filippo’s design of the dome of Florence Cathedral they were amazed of how beautiful and accurate his dome was. Later he also designed a lot of other churches such as Saint Lorenzo (Wikipedia, Filippo Brunelleschi). Besides building, Filippo invented ways of rising up objects for the construction of the Dome of Florence Cathedral (Ducksters). In addition to that, Filippo also developed the laws of line perspective. Filippo was a talented

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