Hudsons Narrative

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It was a cold winters’ day. A mid-January afternoon promised untampered fun for young children at their grandparent’s house. The large, wooded property held forts, majestic castles, Native-American villages, and more land than an eleven-year old could explore in a year. The little group was made up of five adventurous cousins. The little band of five set off on a grand adventure led by Hudson. The small meandering creek that traveled up and down the property just happened to be blanketed by a decent carpet of ice. The intrepid crew began their journey along the path of the frozen creek bed. Partially frozen tree branches and limbs snapped beneath their weight as they hurried to keep up with Hudson. Fallen oak trunks creaked, sagged, and groaned…show more content…
Quickly the cluster joined the Jensen on the ice, amazed that the ice continued to hold with the sight of a small amount of water rushing beneath their feet. The trip continued, the ice held, and everyone gingerly deposited one foot after the other. Kurt and Daniel marveled at the icicles on the trees while walking on the ice and rushed between the icy creek and the trees to collect as many as possible. As the band traveled farther and farther on the ice they grew more and more confident in their sure…show more content…
Something had changed after finding that little bird. Suddenly their footsteps seemed a lot heavier and the world around them seemed to be warmer, instead of frigid cold that had greeted them upon exiting their grandparent’s house. Each step brought a louder and longer cracking sound. Kurt, in the middle of the pack, looked down to watch the water at his feet and mused aloud, “Wasn’t there less water this morning?” before a loud cracking sound brought them all to their senses. The icy creek groaned, and snapped in two. The ice had shaken the load off its back and deposited the five children in the middle of the cold rushing creek. Each one of them immediately began to shiver and shake. There was a lightning-fast meeting before a unanimous decision was reached. They were getting back to the house as fast as

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