Ethics: Ethical To Killing Animals For Food

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Ethics are parameters to show what is right and what is wrong. It is unethical to kill animals for food as it raises concerns like inhumane killing processes and animal welfare issues. Animals do not have the same rights like humans do, however they should be treated humanely. The basic necessities for the animals are food, water, shelter and comfortable treatment. Animals who are raised for food are kept in tough conditions which can be violation of morals. Animal welfare is about protecting animals and minimising pain and distress for farmed animals. The current methods are not effective as the animals go through a psychological and physical suffering making it unethical to kill animals for food. Animals raised to be slaughtered is unethical…show more content…
The current two methods to slaughter animals is by stunning in which two methods are used captive-bolt and electrical and second method is by giving co2 gas CSIRO, (2001, p. 9). Though this method is according the Australian standard of “7.09: Animals are slaughtered in a way that prevents unnecessary injury, pain and suffering to them and causes them the least practicable disturbance” and “7.10: Before sticking commences animals are stunned in a way that ensures that the animals are unconscious and insensible to pain before sticking occurs and do not regain consciousness or sensibility before dying” Browne, (2007, p. 21) it is unethical as animals are stunned or given gas before being slaughtered. According to the Australian laws animals should suffer the least pain but stunning the animals or giving CO2 gas will give them pain. Abattoirs have a lot of animals to slaughter so, it is possible for some animals to remain consciousness and animals which have not died by bleeding out are drowned in scalding tank. The less fortunate animals who are being…show more content…
The small confined spaces are so small that the animals are restricted to turn around or to move around. Despite how the animals are farmed they all are retained in farms. In these factories farms the company wants more output with low costs so, the animals are crammed into dirty window less sheds. Sometimes animals are similarly kept in wire cages or crates. For some they haven't seen sunlight or had a feeling of air. This shows that animals are being used for money and food as they are not treated rightfully and ethically. A lot investigations have been carried out about animal’s welfare and cruelty. One of them is from Animals Australia who sent experienced investigators, into a commercial factory farm situated in South Australia found that piglets were separated from their mothers. During the transportation of these animals for slaughtering the animals are kept in trucks. The animals are restricted to having food and water during this for more 24 hours of transportation Aussie Abattoirs (2014). Shelter for animals in these farms are far worst then them living in wildlife. The way these animals are kept shows that the industry has no morals to how the animals are kept or treated. Keeping the animals in shed or cages is restricting them to have a free

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