Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stir-Fried Pumpkin With Egg

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“A” blood group + “Air” element Since your main health problems are indigestion and dizziness, you will feel better with stir-fried pumpkin with egg since pumpkin is not only easy to digest but also has antioxidants, which help your body fight free radicals or carcinogen. Egg is full of protein, while garlic increases appetite and helps you with stomach gas and perspiration. Other alternatives are easily digested dishes that contain ingredients that help ease gas like stir-fried vegetables, chicken and galangal in coconut milk soup, or stir-fried chicken with ginger. “A” blood group + “Water” element Your nemesis is stress, which can also disturb your stomach, so a sweet and sour stir-fried dish is a real help. It normally contains pineapple that facilitates the…show more content…
Apart from encouraging the coagulation of red blood cells, the beans have high dietary fibre which help boost the digestive system. Mixing the bean with high protein shrimp, scented shrimp paste, chili and shallot makes the dish more enjoyable and rich in nutrient. You can also choose the food that has a high level of iron to promote your blood health such as, stir-fried Chinese kale with crispy fried pork, steamed curried-fish with noni leaves, or Thai steamed with minced pork. “O” blood group + “Fire” element The dish that suits you, who always have problems with metabolism and hot weather is stuffed bitter cucumber soup. The bitter flavour of bitter cucumber can increase the appetite and reduce body heat. Being a mild laxative, bitter cucumber can also be used to treat a canker sore and fever. The chopped- pork filling seasoned with garlic and pepper has a high level of protein and helps boost the immune system. Alternatives are sour and spicy seafood soup, spicy crispy-fried swamp morning glory salad, or sour water mimosa curry. “AB” blood group + “Air”

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