Concept 05 Ethical Principles

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Concept 05: Ethical Principles: This concept is taken from the Ethical Issues in Nursing Practices Block 1, module 03 entitles as “Ethical principles”. Ethical principles are integrated goals that every individual tries to follow all these principles to attain a successful existence in life. These goals include autonomy, confidentiality, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, veracity, fidelity and justice. The principle of beneficence guides the ethical theory to do what is good. The ethical principles provide the framework which may facilitate individuals’ ad society to resolve the conflicts with best etiquettes ( American Nursing Association ,2011). 5.1: Personal Context: In my point of view the ethical principles are the set standards guidelines for an individual to attain a satisfied level of life among other group of people. The ethical principles are moreover the guiding pathway for an individual to perform the best role in his/her personal life, social life and professional life. In my personal outlook a nurses must well know which ethical principle are need to be follow and how these principle may followed in daily nursing practices.…show more content…
Furthermore in ethical view it is acceptable that if a patient has lacks of ability for making a decision and has an advance directive, the person who has the durable power of attorney can make the decision. It

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