Descriptive Essay On Grandma's House

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Grandmas shed Staying with grandma isn’t so bad. After a week or so at grandmas, I always start to get a bit hasty. I like to keep busy so, after long at grandma’s I get restless. I decided to venture outside to see what I come across. In the backyard’ I stumbled upon what appeared to be an old, dilapidated shed. This began the most fascinating day of my life. Every summer I spend the first two weeks with my grandma in the mountains of West Virginia. Her farm is in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors. After the first week, the excitement dies down. Grandma make me do the barn chores. Helping with the animals isn’t so bad, however, it’s not my idea of fun. One afternoon while grandma was napping, I slipped outside to explore the grounds of the farm. As I said before, the shed was pretty run down, but it’s what I found inside that changed my feelings about grandma’s house. The door wasn’t locked so I walked right in after clearing some cobwebs and vines from the doorway. Instantly, upon entering the room, my eyes we drawn to the back left corner…show more content…
I looked around for something to loosen the nails that sealed the tops of the crates. I found a crowbar on a shelf near the crates and use it to pry open the first container. I couldn’t believe my eyes but the cold, flaky powder that burst in my face seemed to be snow. “How is that possible?” I whispered to myself as I began to dig through the crate. At the very bottom buried beneath the snow, was a shiny magical snow globe. The scene inside the globe was a quaint little cottage covered in snow. In front of the house was a small sign that read “THE NORTH POLE”. I gently shook the snow globe and watched the snow begin to fall over the cottage. Suddenly the sound of bells jingled behind me. A tiny voice begin to speak to me in a stern tone. “Hey who are you? And where did you get that globe?” “I’m Maria, but who are you? What are you, and where did you come

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