Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Lack Of Hope

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“It was rough, but everybody was in the same boat. Nobody had anything. Every room had a stove then, we didn't have furnaces, you know. And a lot of people didn't have wood and couldn't afford coal. People were actually burning their corn for heat. You couldn't sell it, so might as well do something with it. We came home one night and somebody had broken into our house and stolen all our food. They didn't want money, they just had to have food.” (6) The Great Depression was a time of fear and desperation. With the crash of the economy, many people were left with no job, no money, and truly no glimmer of hope. I believe that this was probably a time where a majority of the American people felt left behind and forgotten. The suicide rate increased from 18 out of 100,000 to a staggering 22 out of 100,000 in 1932. (7) This lack of hope became an opportunity for…show more content…
He had a clear, bell-like voice that was unpretentious and endearing. (4) He knowing this used his charisma to implement his dream and plan to get America out of the depression and make it a perfect nation. Gaining support for presidency was easy for him. President Hoover was a very intelligent man and was already instituting relief programs. However, he was unwilling to use direct federal aid for his people. (8) He, therefore, was portrayed by the media and his opponents as uncaring. This worked well for Roosevelt who comes across as optimistic in his speeches and promised to use his New Deal to provide federal relief programs. (9) He was then able to prey on the fact that the people of America were hopeless and desperate. He was able to remain optimistic during speaking and made a perfect America a possibility again. He became a beacon of hope and understanding with his ideas and plan for the nation. He manipulated that perfect personality of optimism and hope to gain power to create an economically strong United

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