Nora Grey Character Analysis

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At the beginning of the novel, Nora Grey, had woken up in the town cemetery, Coldwater’s City Cemetery. At first she had no idea where she was and then, slowly, she started to recognize her surroundings. She had no idea how she got to the cemetery or what day it was. Nora ended up running into the groundskeeper, who told her that it was September and she started to freak out because she thought that it was still April. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in the hospital and she learned from her mother and Detective Basso that she had been kidnapped and was missing for eleven weeks. By the end of the story, Nora had relearned some of the things that she already knew, like fallen angels were real and she used to date one, she was a Nephilim…show more content…
“A choice on whether you have to lead Hank’s Nephilim army,” she told me. “You have the option on whether you want to be the leader of the army or you could take the burden off of you and I would gladly take it,” she said. At first I couldn’t even manage to comprehend what she was telling me and then slowly I began to piece it together. She could, and gladly would, lead Hank’s army when I wanted to do anything but. She was my blessing in disguise. Then, I thought about why Hank has never even mentioned her before. He also wanted me to be the leader of his army and I was determined to run his army into the ground. It was my job to make sure that happens. “Just think about it and when you figure out that you have no clue how to run an army, give me a call,” she told me with a certain edge to her voice that I didn’t like at all. Introducing this new character, Kady, into the story would give Nora new options about what to do. Nora know had the option to lead Hank’s army or hand it over to a girl that looked exactly like her. If she did let Kady take the army then she wouldn’t have to lead it or have to carry the burden that if she didn’t lead it to success then her and her mother would both die. On the other hand if she did let Kady lead it, then she would have to worry about the Nephilim overthrowing the fallen angels. Nora would have a lot of different options if Kady was a character in the…show more content…
I did everything that was expected of me, but I had an ulterior motive. My plan was to make my mom and Hank wish they’d never invited me and make my stance on their relationship crystal clear. We ate dinner at Coopersmith’s, a very fancy restaurant and Hank escorted my mom in and pulled out her chair for her when she sat down. The next thing I know I see Marcie Millar and her mother, Hank’s daughter and ex-wife, come in and sit a couple of tables over from us. Marcie spots us and comes stomping over and starts yelling about how we shouldn’t be here together like a family. I wanted to throw up at the thought so I got up and decided to go to the bathroom. Marcie ended up following me and said she wanted to talk. She told me about a summer fling she had with this guy, Patch, and told me that I had his necklace that he was planning on giving Marcie and she wanted it back. I blew her off and decided to leave the restaurant altogether. I decided to walk to the nearest gas station since I road to the restaurant with Hank and my mom. When I got to the gas station it was strangely quiet and no one was around. I started to get a bad feeling so I went around to the side of the gas station to use the pay phone, since I had left all of my stuff back at the restaurant. While I was in the middle of the call someone reached around me and hung up so I spun around and came face to face with a very tall guy. He told me that

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