The Lion City: A Short Story

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The mild melody of the waves created the smooth-jazz of the ocean. The smooth-jazz moved the musical ship down the Strait of Malacca, however the only one enjoying the notes,7 was adoring a sip of iced Scotch. Looking from the portside, was the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, sandy beaches, yet, no one. Towards the starboard was the island nation of the Lion City. Singapore. Skyscrapers, clubs and bureaucracy. As the lonely yacht increased its knots, the jazz of the ocean began to lower in sound. As the $278,000 canoe entered international waters in the Indian Ocean, a band of dolphins emerged from the water, offering companionship to the deserted captain. The man with the full white uniform and letters spelling, “Wethers”, painted in a sharp and bright golden colour. The Colonel had a highly decorated hat, slightly turned towards 34 degrees to his right. Colonel Wethers was holding a bottle of Scotch in his stronger arm, taking a sip every 3rd wave the yacht hit. He strolled to the Northwest side of the unarmed and unmanned light cruiser, and spotted the group of mammals by the side of the yacht, and attempted to communicate with the stowaways. “Welcome to the only one way cruise to…” He was interrupted as one of the mammals rammed into the right side of the ship, knocking the poor…show more content…
The two cruised in the Bay of Bengal, bypassing the Andaman Islands. Entering the Bengal Fan, they entered Bangladeshi waters. Under that exact bay, lay a hundred or more. Mostly students and intellectuals, the flow of the 1971 Bangladesh genocide. The fall of the British Raj in 1947 leaving a few countries, Pakistan, India and Burma. And all those muslims from Bengal, were a puppet of Pakistan. Forcing, more blood to be shed. Wave of rust came collapsing off the rear of the tanker, nearly red. Deathly red. And thus came the kerfuffle like creation of

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