Essay On Twin Towers

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A building that reached the sky, unbreakable, and unreachable. No one thought it could be destroyed and reduced to rubble. These tall buildings were taken down by people who wanted to hurt those inside. Everyone who was their and nearby remembers where they were on this day and those in the tower will never forget what they went through. Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn wrote the book 102 minutes to show the whole collapse of the Twin Towers and give example from people who lived through the collapse and how 9/11 started and ended. There is many examples in books and on the internet of how 9/11 happened and how others think was the cause of 9/11.The collapse of the twin towers took many lives but had small factors that lead to the fall of the building. On one hand some factors lead to the collapse of the Twin Towers is the collapsing floors. Many floors collapsed when the twin towers…show more content…
Many fires were burning and were spreading inside the building. In 102 minutes the authors Dwyer and Flynn wrote “small fires burned on many floors between the main conflagration.” (Dwyer and Flynn 50) in the towers many fires were burning on the floors near the plane crash and between the main conflagration. Next, A source from Craven he says “Even if the sprinklers had been working, they could not have maintained enough pressure to stop the fires.”(Craven) the author is saying that the fires were so intense and ut of control that even if the sprinklers worked the fires would not have been under control. Then, the building’s steel columns began to heat up and bend. “Structural steel begins to soften around 425 degrees celsius and loses about half of its strength at 650 degrees celsius.”(Eager and Musso) the author’s explain why the steel inside the twin towers became so weak and began to break. The steel became so weak from the heat of the fires that the steel could no longer hold the weight of the
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