How Did Alexander The Great Influence Greek Culture

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The book “Alexander the Great in his World,” by Carol G. Thomas gives a closer look into the world of Alexander the Great. Thomas, offers an insight into the world and expectations during the rise of Alexander the Great. She focuses on Alexander the Greats’ life within the context of his time, place, culture, and pedigree in order to learn more about the elements and influences which played a factor as his role as a leader. Alexander the Great was a prominent figure in history, his many conquests as a military leader and emperor of many nations showcased his power and success. Overall, the general answer to the discussion question was that Alexander the Great did not purposely try to impose Greek culture, it was more of a fusion between the Greek culture and the Persian culture. Throughout this discussion…show more content…
Alexander Cook pointed out how Alexander the Great’s ego was fed and how he strayed from the traditions of the Greek culture. Specially, my cutting the “Gordian Knot,” Alexander disreagrded the tradition that was associated with it, therefore making his own tradition by cutting the knot his way. Alexander was more focused on himself and his ego, he strived for being the most powerful and his victories as a leader allowed him to create his own culture. A culture which was heavily Greek influenced. Secondly, Alexander the Great carried many titles, titles that came with his empire. He had King of Macedon, Pharaoh of Egypt and Shah of Persia, all these titles for one single person. Alexander became a figure who embodied the different cultures throughout his empire. These titles united his empire and gave the people he ruled over a single person to look up to and worship. As Cheyenne Bergenhenegouwen pointed out, Alexander adopted the customs associated with these titles and cultures of the empire. His titles as a leader was a showcase of the fusion which had already

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