Essay On The Victorian Era

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The Victorian Era The Victorian era was the start and end to a new time period. Improvements in science, the medical-field, civil rights, and as well as common day tools we take for granted. People who lived within this era had improvements in health and they had also lived in a paradise compared to the past. The African race was in the motion of no longer being enslaved in England. Even steel was an innovation in the engineering aspect of the Victorian era. Queen Victorian was only 18 when she took the crown to rule a very powerful country, and she improved the overall quality of life, as Victorians knew it. The young 18 year old queen, which was only 4’11 inches in height, was born in England in 1819. She lived to be 82 years of age, and…show more content…
One of the most important inventions to this day is Morse code. Samuel Morse creates Morse code in 1837, and the very first one was sent in 1844. This creation had helped make a relation between the UK in America (source #5). Also widely used in the military of all nations as a means of communication. A very important material used to build new England as it is today was steel. Steel was first discovered by Henry Bessemer, which is a stronger yet lighter forged iron (source #4) Do to steels strength and weight, it would allow Victorians to build bigger structures and better bridges. Descriptions not only help the Victorians but how about the rest of the world create the world a much more civilized place. The Victorian era was a time of innovation, diseases, civil rights, and was ruled by a short tempered queen. Altough because of that queen England was, in that time, superior than the rest of the world. As well the cumulation of the population did make Victorian England less sanitary and increase their diseases. They did manage to put laws against slavery which at the moment was a booming business. Their inventions did forever change the world as they knew it. This Era proved to be a truly great time
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