Essay On Victorian Era

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The Victorian era is extremely well known for its way of defining genders, showing satire/fake news and, the Aesthetic Movement. The way that this is all explained in online articles makes the Victorian era sound intriguing in many different ways, of course some are good and some are bad like many other eras such as our own. If you look on how men and women are treated or what they are capable of doing now a days are completely different from the Victorian era, but it changed drastically for women from then to now. With the men it only changed here and there. For starters women were practically chained up in their homes like trapped princess’s with a dragon guarding the entrance. The reason for this is because back then it was extremely important…show more content…
And men were not expected to marry women and neither are women, you actually have the option to say no and to live by yourself if wanted and It’s also socially acceptable for the men to not have a good education and can drop out of school, of course their parents want them to have a good future It’s just not mandatory and expected of them. Men can also be friends and talk to women and not live in separate worlds like in the Victorian era also known as separate spheres. It’s normal to see men and women casually talking and it not leading to marriage and It’ also not considered to be bad anymore in this modern era. In all the Victorian era was extremely different compared to our modern era. Some are good and some are bad. But at the end it mostly changed for the good, women are given more rights and actually have a say on what authorities do and can actually talk to men and not be married and men can stay at home all they want if they prefer and feel less obligated to do hard labor. It sees like both men and women were given more freedom, women definitely were given more freedom allowing them to make history along with the
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